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What we do

As a small business ourselves, MAW Accountants fully understand all of the day to day challenges faced. Not only do you have to run your own business but you also have to deal with the day to day adminitration, regulations and then there's the Taxman!

As small business owners we have to wear many hats, Salesman, Marketing Guru, Financial Controller, Payroll Manager, HR Manager, Bookkeeper to name but a few..... and then we have to find time to do the work we are best at, and are getting paid for.

Often you are on your own making crucial decisions tha twill affect the business, not always with up to date financial information available. We would like to work with you, helping implement the best working systems to keep you on top of your paperwork, compliant and providing accurate, regular financial information so that you know whether or not you are operating a profitable business - or are just a 'busy fool'!

We can be your sounding board for those times you feel you need to run something past someone but there is only you!

We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our Client's - over 90% of our new business comes from referrals.

We are here to help, to ease the burden and to give you Piece of Mind.

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